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    A Gothic Rattery - Gainesville, FL Rattery that breeds dumbos, rex, Siamese, and a variety of other colors. Rats are spoiled and well loved and all babies are raised with extreme care! 581
    Aimee's Animals*Pet Rescue Web Site Resource - A good resource for finding rescues efforts world-wide, whether you are looking to adopt or foster. 3083
    Any Rat Rescue (Phoenix area) - Any Rat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization, incorporated in the State of Arizona in 2004 and dedicated to finding loving, forever homes for any rat in need. 401
    BallaRATS Rattery - Located in Ballarat (yes it's a real town!) Victoria Australia, AUSRFS member, specialising in Downunders, Blazed, Australian Silkies. There is also a boarding service and rescue/rehoming program. 1706
    Bayside Rattery & Mousery - A Rattery/Mousery in Sydney, NSW Australia. Focus is on producing beautiful animals with exceptional temperaments. Occasionally have babies available, always willing to help with advice. 1419
    Best Friend Rodent Rescue - A rescue in Washington state that does wonderful work rescuing rats in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and BC Canada. 71
    Blaze Craze Rattery - Breeding dumbos and standards in Russian blue and dilutes in Cary, Ill. 622
    Blue Ridge Rattery - Rattery located in Bedford, VA. Specializing in Blue, Dumbo, and Patterns since 2006. 326
    Boon Rattery - A rattery in Narre Warren, Victoria Australia specializing in 'DownUnders.' 1690
    Camarattery - Rattery in Colorado with Dumbos in blue, Burmese, Siamese, Down Under and dwarf. All coat types. Also breeding hairless mice! 1336
    Carawatha Rodents - A Queensland-based Rattery/Mousery with Pet and Exhibition mice. 1516
    CavyRescue - The UK's First dedicated Pet Rat Charity. 1242
    Cove Rattery - Small rattery in Michigan dedicated to healthy, loving pets. 962
    Crittery UK Rescue Map - Rescues and RSPCAs in the UK that take in rodents! 488
    Crystal Cage Rattery - Rats bred for temperment and color in the Tampa, Florida area. 2320
    Darling Road Rodentry - We are a small scale breeder in BANGOR, MAINE focusing on health and temperment foremost. We have many gorgeous varieties/colors. 1626
    Dunedin Mousery - Fancy mouse breeder based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Breeds mice for pet and show. 1140
    EaglesEye Rats - A small rattery in Monmouth, Oregon (near Salem). Specializing in dumbos and friendly pet rats. 1606
    Estelle's Rattery - A rattery in Weston-super-Mare in North Somerset, UK, specializing in blue rats. 1423
    Exotica Rattery - Small rattery in the Lehigh Valley, Pa. Specializing in hooded and Pink Eyed White ratties. Babies a few times per year. Bred for temperament and health. 589
    Farmhouse Rats (FHR) - Branchville NJ Pedigreed fancy rat breeder focused on producing Seal Point Siamese, Russian Blue Sable Burmese, & Cinnamon rats. Focused on great health, friendly, outgoing temperaments and longevity. 614
    Great Pets Rattery - A Middletown NY Rattery that specializes in hairless, dumbos, and standards. Also rescues rats. Check the site for available rats. 2124
    Igisum Rattery - Small home based rattery located in Hazleton, PA (NEPA) we specialize in marked variegated and patched rats in standard and dumbo ears, as well as standard and rex coats. 426
    KCpocketpets - I breed mice, hamsters, and occasionally rats as pets for better health and temperament. Located in Kansas City, MO. 748
    La Armonia Mousery - Mousery specializing in Siamese, Burmese and Longhaired mice in Sydney, Australia. 887
    Lil' Ratscal's Rattery - The rattery in Ottawa, Ontario. 1490
    Little Heroes Rattery - Located in Orange County California, Little Heroes Rattery aka 'HERO' breeds and rescues rats. 466
    Little Loveables Pet Rats - Home of the 'LHRC' Little Hearts Rat Club of Louisiana. Owned by C & E Ratterys. We are a full service rescue center located in Denham Springs, Louisiana. 1918
    Lone Star Rats - A rattery in Austin, Texas. 2352
    MagicStar Rattery - Healthy pets with spectacular temperaments in Sydney, NSW Australia. 1596
    Mainely Rat Rescue - MRR’s mission is to rehabilitate and find homes for surrendered or abandoned domestic rats, as well as spreading awareness, education and support for all the animals in their care. 343
    Misty Blue Rattery - Southern California rattery specializing in the American Blue Color; Dumbo and Standard Ears; Self, Berkshire, Variegated, VariBerk, Capped, Bareback rats. 697
    MN Rat Connection - A rattery in Minnesota. Some cute rat pics, and a breeder listing. 2342
    Mouse Tails - A resource for caring for, breeding, and adopting tame mice in the Santa Rosa, CA area. 1646
    My Rat Heaven - A Rattery in Escondido, CA. 1560
    Paper Heart Rattery - Hope, NJ rattery specializing in Russian blue and dove marked rats, and ivory self rats. Standard and dumbo ears; standard and rex coats. 603
    Pierce's Pogs Rattery - A rattery in North Attleboro, Massachusetts specializing in dwarf fawn/agouti and blue lines. We breed for health and temperament. 304
    Raani's Rats, Fort Worth - Specializing in Black Berkshire dumbo rats with excellent health and temperaments. We are an ethical, no cull rattery. 505
    RaffinHouse Rattery - A Freemont Ohio rattery breeding adorable rats in interesting colors! 1315
    Rat Rescue - The Official Blog of CavyRescue (UK). 1083
    Ratamania - A wonderful celebration of pink-eyed rats, with a twice monthly photo journal of their lives, experiences and achievements. 1862
    RatHouse Rattery - A Texas Rattery. 1983
    Ratrescue.com - Helping to find new homes for ratties all over America who are either abandoned or unable to be kept by their previous owners. 2027
    Rattie Express - Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of rats as pets. 1576
    Ratware - Great rat pictures perfect for using as your desktop wallpaper. 2040
    Ratz Nest - Breeder and rescue located in Southern California, dedicated to producing happy, healthy and well tempered rats. Our main goals focus is on Siamese, Burmese, Harley, Rex, Dumbo and Velveteens. 525
    Rebecca's Sweet and Loving Rats Lebanon, IN - We are working on hairless in different colors with dumbo. We work with the Social Rats Rescue network to help rats in need. 620
    Rocket Rodents - Happy healthy pet rats and mice in various colours, markings and coats. Located in Sydney, NSW, Australia. 942
    RooBear Rattery - Healthy, friendly rats in Ithaca, New York. 1862
    Rumpy Rats Rattery - in Kansas City, Missouri. 2069
    Second Hand Rats - A small rescue in southern California-- rat rescues, adoptions, fosters. 1009
    Shika's Rattie Rescue - A small rescue in northeast Ohio that deals mostly with home surrenders, but will take other situations into consideration. 1290
    SITH Rattery - Located near Vancouver BC Canada, specializing in black eyed Siamese, Burmese, dwarf, dalmatians and European roans, in a wide variety of colors, with health and temperament always our top priority. 525
    Social Rats Adoption and Rescue, Chicago IL - We breed for dumbo in many colors, including blues and fawn. Also working with different fur types. Our rescue network takes in rats in need and adopts them out once they are healthy and social. 631
    Spoiled Ratten Rattery - Sweet, healthy, cute rats in Kansas City, Missouri. 1805
    Sweet Whispers Rattery - Pottsville, PA Rattery specializing in Black-Eyed Siamese, Burmese, Roan, and also some Aurora based varieties. 709
    Tailspinz Rattery - A small rattery in St.Louis, MO, . Specializing in Dumbos and rexes, all colors... sweet temperments. 1821
    Taliesin Rattery - Rats for adoption in the Massachusetts area. 2002
    The Groomed Rattery - Heather's Rattery in Utah. 493
    The Rat Cave - I run a small hobby soy-free rattery in Glenview Il. I specialize in blues and Siamese, in dumbo and standard, but temperament and healthy always come first. I love my babies; I know you will too! 576
    The Rat Rehoming Register - Not a rescue center, but a U.K. based group which helps find new homes for unwanted rats. 1286
    The RatMischief! - A rattery in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Also some information on the Canadian Small Animals Club. 1643
    The Rowangate Rats - A rattery in Essex, England. 1333
    The Whole Rat Rattery 1740
    Thistle Rattery - A small rattery near Denver, Colorado. Specializes in sweet tempermented dumbos. 1621
    Veinglory's Rats of Night and Day Page - Rats and Vampires! 1486
    Whiskers & Tails Rattery (WATR) - In Oklahoma City, OK. We produce healthy socialized rats (hairless, patchwork, rex, dumbo, blues, chocolate, fawn, Siamese, Berkshires, hooded, bareback, capped, patched); some gerbils and hamsters. 460
    WNY Warm Fuzzies - We are small breeder of mice and rats, specializing in Siamese and Himalayan dumbo rats and show quality rex mice, located in Buffalo, New York. 580
    Zoo Tribe Rattery - Located in Longwood Florida; does not offer babies to the public. 2009

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