RMCA Veterinarian Recommendations


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Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Kerry Korber
Calgary Caged & Exotic Pet Clinic
Main Floor - 3118, 17 Ave SW,  Calgary,  Alberta

Recommended by: Cielia Hatch  (sillyhatch@hotmail.com)
Date of recommendation: Fri Jun 29 2001
Number and type of animals treated there: 1 cockatiel (yes!)
Saw this vet for how long: 3 years
Comments: When I did own a rat here in Alberta, many years ago, I was a little nervous about what might happen to her should she fall ill, as Alberta is a rat free province. Would any vet I took her to turn her in to the coppers? Would any vet be familiar with rats as pets and their specifics? I was and still am working at a dog and cat clinic, so I felt that if worse came to worse, my boss would be able to give me good advice and/or direction. Luckily, I had a very healthy rat that did not need veterinary care. As for Dr. Korber, I discovered her when we were having some problems with our pet cockatiel. She told us that she has had clients with rats as pets (most named Templeton!), and therefore some experience. If I were ever to get a rat again, I would A. get two and B. see Dr. Korber. Her treatment of our cockatiel was very thorough and knowledgeable. The clinic is a little on the expensive side, however, it is well worth it. My recommendation is meant for any of you "criminal" Albertans out there who may not know that there is a vet here for you! Good Luck, and don't get caught!

Coquitlam, B.C.

Dr. Melissa Ochotsky, Dr. Suzanne Whitley
Westwood Heights Pet Hospital
312 - 1196 Lansdowne Drive,Coquitlam, B.C., V3E 1J7, Canada

Recommended by: Amanda Kolcun (koal@smartt.com)
Number of animals treated there: 3 rats
Saw this vet for how long: 2 years
Comments: Both of the vets are good. My rats have been treated by both. They've performed tumor removals with great results, they have also spayed my rats and I have no complaints with their service. Prices are great and the service is even better.

Coquitlam, B.C.

Dr.Pawel Biernacki and Dr.Kamil Svancara
North Road Animal Hospital
435F North Road, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Recommended by: Mark Lewis (mlewis@mortimer.com)
Number of animals treated there: 1 rat
Saw this vet for how long: ?
Comments: These people are great.They have neutered my male rat and also amputated part of the males tail due to a mystery accident. They bend over backward and I highly recommend them.

Montreal, QC

Dr. C. Lupu
Exotic Pets Hospital
6090 Sherbrooke Street W, Montreal, QC, H4A 1Y1, Canada
(514) 486-5258

Recommended by: Sabrina Sand (impure@fog.net)
Number of animals treated there: 1 rat
Saw this vet for how long: 2 years
Comments: I would like to recommend a pet hospital in Montreal, Quebec since there are none on your list. I mention the whole hospital because there are only 3 vets there and they all are excellent with small animals, since they only treat, exclusively, "exotic pets". They do not handle cats and dogs. They are caring and concerned about pets, they love rats. They take their time explaining what is going on with your pets and their fees are reasonable. They treated one rat of mine, including a surgery to remove an abscess. I went to them for approximately 2 years, they also treated a ferret I rescued.

Surrey, BC

Dr. Louise Radnidge, DVM, BSA
South Surrey Veterinary Hospital
3221 - 140th Street, Surrey, BC
(604) 538-7874

Recommended by: T'Lara Joy Freedom (tfreedom@istar.ca)
Number of animals treated there: 3 rats
Saw this vet for how long: 4 years
Comments: Dr. Radnidge has treated my rats, my cats, and my dog. She knows her stuff and is very warm and caring to both animal and human. She operated on one rat for an abcess, another rat she tried to save, but it was too late for him, and she put our good friend Hecyid to sleep for us. I wanted to be present while Hecyid passed, and Dr. Radnidge was fine with that. When he was gone I cried and Dr. Radnidge didn't charge us for the procedure. I appreciated her ability to understand how much love can be shared with such a small creature. I find the hospital expensive, but that's not Dr. Radnidge's fault--she doesn't set the prices.

Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Regan and Dr. Parker
Animal Hospital of High Park
3194 Dundas St. West, Toronto, Ontario, M6P 2A3
(416) 763-4200

Recommended by: Linda Eisner (lace@pathcom.com)
Date of recommendation: Sat, 22 Jan 2000
Number of animals treated there: 6 rats (2 spayed, 1 had a tumour removed, 1 on Tamoxifen treatment, 4 treated for parasites)
Saw this vet for how long: 1 year

Comments: I have been to other vets within the city and no others compare to the Drs. and staff of Animal Hospital of High Park. Everyone at the clinic is great and seems to love all animals. Drs. Regan and Parker are wonderful. Dr. Regan is one of the warmest people I know. Whenever I bring the rats in, she comes over, picks them up talks/plays with them and has even kissed them. She seems to be there all the time (including weekends and after hours) What more can you ask from a vet - except knowledge and both Drs. Regan and Parker certainly have that (as do the vet techs and assistants). They have treated my rats for many reasons and have always provided the best care. I highly recommend them.

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