RMCA Veterinarian Recommendations

for Rats & Mice

Add your favorite Rat or Mouse Doc!

If you have a vet you think is really good fill out the following form and we'll add her or him to the list. You don't have to be an RMCA member.

Some general suggestions:

  • Please let us know if you are recommending a particular veterinarian or the whole hospital -- and unless you have seen all the vets at a particular hospital, please just recommend the vet(s) you know. Again, we don't want to insult anyone, but vet hospitals vary a lot, so while at one the rats and mice may all go to the expert, and at another everything is teamwork and shared between all the vets, at some the rat may just go to whoever has time, qualified or not. And sometimes your favorite vet may move to a different practice -- this format will make it easier to change the address & such without having to change info about the doctor.

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PLEASE do not call a vet who's never seen your animals before, asking for free advice just because you see their phone number here! Make an appointment, take your rats in, get to know the vet, and let the vet get to know your pets. We've already had one VERY GOOD vet ask to have his name removed from this list because too many people were calling for advice without wanting to bring their pets in, and he just didn't have time for it. So please don't abuse this information and try to take advantage of these vets.


Neither the RMCA or the people who have recommended these veterinarians can make any guarantees about the quality of work the veterinarian will perform on your pet. And a recommendation of a particular vet should not be taken as a recommendation of other vets at that vet hospital. (Just because Dr. Smith knows her way around a rat doesn't mean Dr. Jones in the next office over does.) You should thoroughly check out any veterinarian for yourself. We just wish to share our experience with you, and possibly give you a place to start.