San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Updated February 27, 1998

March Meeting

Our next scheduled meeting will be in March. No locations and times are available just yet. For the most recent information, please join our mailing list by writing to James Kittock (contact info removed).


In addition to rats and mice that we know are up for adoption at this moment, this flyer also lists all the area shelters which are likely to have rats and mice who need homes. This flyer can be printed out, and we encourage anyone in the bay area to distribute it to your local vet office, pet supply store, shelter, etc. And if you're looking for a new pet, look here first!

If you have any trouble printing this flyer (it should come out as one page) please let Brian know! (Also tell him what browser and version you used, what your hardware setup it, etc.)

Newsletters online:

The newsletter is going to be resurrected! Please let us know what you would like to see on it by mailing to M. Ekaterin (contact info removed).

Coming attractions:

Soon we'll have all sorts of information about BARMCA here. For now, let me just say that the two major features of BARMCA are (1) we are very informal, and (2) we are a pet based club. This combination means that we have no set dues (we raise money when we need it) no officers (anyone who has an idea is automatically responsible for it) and certainly no fancy rat and mouse shows! Our central focus is the care and welfare of our pets. Current club projects include distributing rat care guides to area vets and pet shops, educational "Rat and Mouse Days" at local pet stores, and rat and mouse rescue to name a few.

Our bimonthly meetings (or "rat parties") are generally held the third weekends of odd numbered months. (We have started rotating the exact day so that more people can make it.) Anyone interested in rats and mice as pets is welcome.


For general information, or to be added to the mailing or emailing list, contact James Kittock (contact info removed) or Brian Lee (contact info removed). (Note however that Brian is likely to claim ignorance, as he no longer lives in California.) For updates and corrections to the BARMCA website, please contact M. Ekaterin (contact info removed). If you don't have email, try these contacts:

James Kittock, (contact info removed)

Jean Smith, (contact info removed)

Looking for a pet rat or mouse?

For information on our Rat & Mouse Rescue Project contact Amanda Svensson (contact info removed) or James Kittock (contact info removed). We are currently working with the Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley and hope to be working with other bay area shelters in the near future. If you are looking for a pet rat, PLEASE contact Amanda, James, Jean, or your area shelter first! (And check out our (ir)regularly updated flyer.)

Rat Rescue Sponsors:

Novalek, the parent company of Oasis, has donated a package of small animal products which we will happily use in our rat rescue project. Donations of products which we can use for our rat rescue project are greatly appreciated.

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