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  BARMCA exists for social contact among those who share their lives with rats and mice (and are thus shunned by normal people -- just kidding). Its history can be traced back to a string of intermittent rat gatherings attended by Bay Area people on the "bay area rats" e-mail list.


  For the most part, BARMCA folks get together every once in a while to eat food and share stories, information, and advice. Other things get done when BARMCA members decide to organize and implement them. One instance of this was the Rat and Mouse Day, when we set up a table in a public place with informational literature to share with people and friendly animals to greet them. And if you take the initiative, more things can happen.


  We are a very informal organization. There are no dues, just a fervent passion and common interest in the well-being of our smaller friends. So join us at our next get together!

To learn more about rodent related happenings in the Bay Area, whether through BARMCA or other rodent-related organizations, please see the contact page on information about the BARMCA Yahoo Group and other local mailing lists.
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