Viral Outbreak Tracking
Currently tracking SDA, Sendai, and KRV

This page is for tracking SDA and Sendai viruses. For information on the current outbreak of Seoul Virus (01/2017), please visit the Rat Guide here: Seoul Virus Outbreak. As more news develops, we will provide updates at the Rat Guide, and at the CDC's Seoul Virus page.

Click a state or province on the map below to be taken to that location's tracking information.

United States

StateLocationDateTypeHow Spread
AlabamaAthensMay 2012SDAPet Store
BirminghamJanuary 2006SDAPet Store
GadsdenJuly/August 2012SDAPet Store
HartselleMay 2012SDAPet Store
HuntsvilleAugust/September 2006SDAPet Store
AlaskaKetchikanMarch 2008SendaiPet Store or unknown
ArizonaMesaMarch 2008SDABreeder/Pet Store
ArkansasConwayJanuary 2005SDAPet Store
Jones BoroMay 2020SDABreeder
Pine BluffMay 2020SDABreeder
CaliforniaAlameda / Oakland December 2015SDARescue/Foster
Chino HillsJanuary 2004SDAPet Store
Coarse GoldJune 2001SDARescue
Culver CityFebruary/March 2001SDAPet Store
Cupertino / SunnyvaleMarch 2007SDARescue or unknown
Los AngelesJanuary 2004SDAPet Store
Redondo BeachApril 2003SDAPet Store or unknown
MenifeeSeptember 2018SDAPet Store/Breeder
SacramentoDecember 2004SDAPet Store
SacramentoMarch 2007SDARescue or unknown
Sacramento / Roseville areaJuly 2007SDARescue or unknown
SacramentoNovember 2020SDABreeder from out of state
San DiegoJuly 2007SDAUnknown
San FranciscoMarch 2007SDARescue
San JoseMarch 2007SDARescue or unknown
San JoseJuly 2007SDAPetstore
San MateoMarch 2007SDARescue
Santa ClaraNovember 2010SDARescue
Santa CruzMarch 2007SDARescue or unknown
SunnyvaleOctober 2001SDAPet Store
TemeculaAugust 2005SDAPet Store
ColoradoBoulderApril 2005SDABreeder
LittletonJanuary 2002SDAPet Store
District of Columbia    
FloridaClearwaterOctober 2003SendaiUnknown
CocoaNovember 2008SendaiPet Store
Indian Rocks BeachMarch 2008SDARescue or unknown
JacksonvilleJuly 1999SDAPet Store
JacksonvilleDecember 2006SDAPet Store
OrlandoSeptember 2003SendaiUnknown
Port CharlotteSeptember 2007SDAPet Store
TampaFebruary 2004SDABreeder
Winter Parknot reportedSDAUnknown
Winter ParkDecember 2007SDAPet Store
GeorgiaAtlantaDecember 2001SDAPet Store
Warner RobinsSeptember 2006SDAPet Store
IdahoBoiseMay 2003SDAUnknown
BoiseSeptember 2003KRVShow
BoiseSeptember 2003SDAShow
BoiseJune 2006SDAPet Store
BoiseAugust 2008SDABreeder
Illinois ChicagoJune 2003SDAMay Show
ChicagoJune 2003SDAMay Show
ChicagoJune 2003SDAMay Show
ChicagoMay 2009SDARescue
Chicago SuburbsMay 2003SendaiPet Store
KarnakJune 2005SDAPet Store or Supplier
LaGrange ParkAugust 2009SDAShelter/Rescue
IndianaWest LafayetteMay 2002SDAUnknown
LafayetteJanuary 2007SDARescue from out of state
KentuckyAshlandMarch/April 2001SDAPet Store or Show
Dawson SpringsFebruary 2009SDAPet Store
PaducahApril 2002SDAPet Store
PaducahJune 2005SDAPet Store or Supplier
MaineDurhamFebruary 2001SDARat Meeting
WestbrookJuly 2004SDAPet Store spread to Animal Shelter
MarylandBaltimoreAugust 2009SDA, KRVBreeder/Transport from out of state
Bel AirJune 2003SDAShow/Transport from out of state
BowieApril 2006SDAPet Store
Bryans RoadJuly 1999SendaiBreeder
RossvilleApril 2013SDAPet Store
Massachusetts BostonMarch/April 2000SDAShow
BostonFebruary 2001SDARat Meeting
CarverMay 2000SDAShow
ChelmsfordNovember 2005SDAPet Store
Worcester/ShrewsburyAugust 2010SDAPet Store
Michigan AdrianMay 2003SDABreeder likely
DorrNovember 2002SDABreeder or Pet Store
East LansingOctober 2003SDABreeder
East LansingOctober 2003KRVBreeder
FlintJune 2002SDAPet Store
FlintNovember 2002SDABreeder or Pet Store
Grand RapidsMarch 2001SDABreeder or Pet Store
Grand RapidsJuly 2003SDAPet Store
Grand RapidsOctober 2003SDABreeder
Grand RapidsOctober 2003KRVBreeder
LansingAugust/September 2003SDABreeder
LansingSeptember 2003KRVBreeder
MilfordApril 2005SDAPet Store
MuskegonMay 2001SDABreeder
RedfordJune 2005SendaiVet Office
YpsilantiJanuary 2007SDAPet Store
MissouriArnold (St. Louis)January 2004SDAPet Store
Kansas CityApril 2000SDAPet Store/Human "Carrier"
St. JosephMarch 2013SDAPet Store/Rescue
NebraskaLincolnOctober 2008SDAPet Store/Human "Carrier"
LincolnOctober 2008SDAPet Store/Human "Carrier"
ScottsbluffAugust 2002SDAHuman "Carrier"
New HampshireManchesterJanuary 2002SDAHuman "Carrier"
NashuaNovember 2005SDAPet Store
New Jersey Bound BrookOctober 2000SDARat Meeting
Bound BrookFebruary 2001SDARat Meeting
EnglewoodFebruary 2000SDARescue
HaskellJanuary 2002SDARescue
MarltonJuly 2006SDAPet Store from out of state
New BrunswickFebruary 2005SDAUnknown
New Mexico AlbuquerqueDecember 2013SDARescue
AlbuquerqueJuly 2012SendaiRescue
New York BrooklynJanuary/February 2002SDAPrivate Shelter
BrooklynJuly 2004SDAPrivate Shelter
LynbrookJune 2006SDAPet Store
LockportAugust 2002SDAPet Store
Oneida CastleJanuary 2005SDAUnknown
RochesterMay 1999SendaiShow
RochesterMay 1999SDAShow
RochesterOctober 1999SDAShow
RochesterFebruary 2001SDABreeder
RochesterJune 2003SDAMay Show
North CarolinaBooneMay 2003SDAPet Store/Wholesaler
CharlotteAugust 2004SDAUnknown
WilmingtonMarch 2002SDAPet Store
North Dakota    
Ohio CincinnatiNovember 2006SDAPet Store
St. MarysOctober 2002SDAUnknown
OklahomaOklahoma CityNovember 2005SDAPet Store
OregonBendJuly 2002SDAPet Store
EugeneSeptember 2003SDAPet Store
EugeneOctober 2003KRVBreeder
PennsylvaniaEast StroudsburgJanuary 2002SDAUnknown
ExtonJuly 2011SDARescue
HarrisburgJune 2002SDARescue
Rhode Island    
South Carolina    
South Dakota    
TennesseeCharlotteJanuary 2005SendaiPet Store
PulaskiMay 2012SDAPet Store from out of state
TexasBixbyMay 2006SDARescue
Dallas / Fort WorthAugust 2004SDAPet Store
Fort WorthMarch 2007SDAUnknown
HoustonMay 2006SDARescue
Hutto (Austin area)May 2006SDARescue
MansfieldJune/July 2004SDABreeder
San AntonioMay 2006SDARescue
Texas City / League CitySeptember 2006SDAPet Store
UtahOgdenNovember 2006SDAPet Store/Breeder
Salt Lake CityJune 2010SDAPet Store
WashingtonBelfairAugust 2013SDAPet Store
BellevueJanuary 2012SDAPetstore
BellevueAugust 2013SDAPet Store
Bonney Lake / RentonDecember 2020SDAPet Store
GrandviewJuly 2011SendaiRescue/Breeder from out of state
KirklandApril 2014SDAPet Store
Oak HarborMarch 2014SDAPet Store
Port Orchard and surroundsOctober 2006SDARescue/Breeder
SeattleMarch 2003SDAShow
SeattleOctober 2003KRVBreeder
SeattleMay 2005SDAPet Store
Sedro WoolleyNovember 2002SDAPet Store or Show
SilverdaleMarch 2014SDAPet Store/Breeder
SpanawayJanuary 2007SDAPet Store
TacomaApril/May 2001SDABreeder
TacomaAugust/September 2006SDAPet Store
West Virginia    
WisconsinRice LakeApril 2006SDAPet Store
OrfordvilleFebruary 2007SDAPet Store or unknown


ProvinceLocationDateTypeHow Spread
Alberta (Rat Free)     
British ColumbiaGreater VancouverMay 2001SDABreeder
New WestminsterOctober 2008SDAUnknown
VancouverMay 2001SDABreeder
New BrunswickSaint JohnMay 2007SDAPet Store
Saint JohnMarch 2015SDAPet Store
ShippaganMarch 2013SDAPet Store
Nova ScotiaHalifaxJanuary 2016SDAPet Store
KentvilleFebruary 2016SDAPet Store
OntarioScarboroughOctober 2006SDAUnknown
MississaugaDecember 2006SDAUnknown
TorontoFebruary 2010SendaiRescue
TorontoJuly 2014SDABreeder
Prince Edward Island CharlottetownJune 2014SDAPet Store
QuébecLavalFebruary 2009SDAPet Store
Vancouver Island     


CountyLocationDateTypeHow Spread
Wexford Wexford2017SDARescue from out of county

If you've had an outbreak to report, please use the form provided here: Viral Outbreak Tracking Form.

Not sure if your outbreak was SDA, Sendai or KRV? These articles will provide you with signs and symptoms, and tips to prevent outbreaks:

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